Burna Boy new release on his journey to Grammy win on ‘KILOMETRE’

 Burna Boy new release on his journey to Grammy win on ‘KILOMETRE’

The road to Burna Boy’s first Grammy was a long and controversial one and today, he takes to music to document this journey on the metaphor rife Kilometre.

Burna Boy goes back to his earlier self, one who had a penchant for Afro fusions tinged with Dancehall inflections; Chopstix gives this experimental side credibility with a bouncy instrumental driven by a variety of drums.

On Kilometre, Burna Boy proves he understands that talent and culture-driven inspirations and influences that smolder are more genuine and tenable than average passion.

Above all, Kilometre is the most persona-defining track we’ve received from Burna Boy recently, even more, braggadocious than Odogwu, it joins every side of him we know, arrogant, audacious, talented, and raw.




“Home is where the story begins…”

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