BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | DJC refuses to be boxed in a category

 BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | DJC refuses to be boxed in a category

DJC who’s been in the music industry for a decade bears it all in this interview that, his records may be close to Gospel in terms of the message but shouldn’t be categorized as a Gospel songs that only gain airplay on Sundays. DJC who started music in 1998 as a teenager, joined the church choir which also helped him to grow musically & in 2002 he recorded his first Demo tape titled Party Ride.

This first edition of BuzzONLINE features DJC, a music producer, song writer, Dj, mix and mastering engineer. Welcome to BuzzONLINE, where we meet, greet and find out as a feed back to your fans out there.

🟠 Great musicians have a passionate connection to the music they play. Let’s talk about how it all started for you as a music producer and song writer before we talk about the connection.

DJC: I started as a teenager, listening to Tupac ,Coolio ,Dre Dre etc. Falling in love with good music was the first thing for me and that has done it for me till date. Later realized I could also rap, I started working on my lines; mimming Gangster Paradise by Coolio where i even stole some lines way back. Then joined the church choir and i started playing the keyboard for churches programmes and events.

🟠 Wow, So you mean even while listening to Tupac and the like, you didn’t know you could rap?

DJC: I didn’t know at all. i had to fall in love with rap music first before anything else. There was no internet in Nigeria then, I remember giving my cousin my food who was about 3 years older … just to help me write down my lyrics.”

🟠 Did that sacrifice pay or not?

DJC: I must tell you it helped my life ,so I could understand those lines and started writing my own lyrics too

🟠 Church has always been the connecting dot for most musicians. From Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston, Terry G, the late OJB and many more. Is this why most of your songs are gospel?

DJC: Well my kind of music is different, I do good music. I preach with my music. I don’t do church music at all, I do music to touch lives. I can decide to sing about marriage which is a good thing, JESUS attended marriages and the bible talks about marriage too.
my kinda music is just unique not an everyday artiste and i hate to boxed.

🟠 Mention your trail of recording artistes that have enjoyed your production skills since you’ve started.

DJC: well as a music producer I have been able to work with different Artistes both local and international. Eventhough i don’t believe in names, there are some major artistes that have given the best of me, Zdon Poparella, Mickey Jay, Sudac, Tamara ,imike, Naturah, Femi and the gang etc

🟠 Is there any artist in Nigeria that is seemingly a challenge to you and makes you feel like you need to up your game?

DJC: Well, I’m a lover of good music. I respect anyone doing good music but the truth is i just feel I have something the world has not heard .I love Burna Boy. When I wake up every morning, thinking of achievement, his name and brand identity comes to mind but still i have to be DJC.

🟠 Do Your envision Grammy awards?

DJC: Mhen that’s a big thing for me

🟠 If music wasn’t there …what else would you have aimed for?

DJC: I would be a lawyer

🟠 Lets talk about SOAK …your EP son of a KING. How many tracks on that EP?

DJC: I have 7 track & recorded wifey 5 years before the release of the EP

🟠 Son Of a King, did you mean GOD or you are from a Royal Family?

DJC: In this context, i mean GOD but I’m from a royal family. I can as well be addressed as Prince Ahmed Badejo Oluwafunsho

🟠 Just when we are getting used to ‘Gbese sounds’ trend of fast tempo music, you came up with DAMILOHUN, What’s the inspiration behind that?

DJC: Well like I said I am just a different and unique person, I don’t follow trends, I create trends. I drop whatever comes to my head

🟠 With ‘DAMILOHUN’, why Paul Play?

DJC: At that time that was the name that came to my head, we also both have the same voice texture, He was the best of option and he killed it .

🟠 So what’s next for you?

DJC: After the EP alot of people wanted more of me and I still believe the world needs to hear something different, all the songs on the EP were all Rnb so I decided do the other part of me the world had not heard.

🟠 On your coming project, should we expect collaboration with any A List?

DJC: By his grace I have been speaking with different international Artistes too.
I had a chat with Neyo, Elephant man, Seal, Eric Belinger and TQ.

🟠 Are you planning a concert anytime soon?

DJC: Not for now but there will definitely be an album listening party

🟠 3 things you would like to change in todays music, if you have the means?

DJC: Well i think, people are enjoying what I would love to change so there is nothing to change Fam😅 They have their fans already

🟠 What do you think about starting a record label of your own?

DJC: Yea that’s actually the focus, I just want to do my own personal music for a while and focus on the label.

🟠 Your advise for upcoming artist?

DJC: What doesn’t kill a man makes him stronger. Do your thing, believe in GOD and don’t give up on your dreams.

🟠 Do you think the current Government of this nation is doing well enough?

DJC: They are lovers of themselves, we have leaders without leadership skills and that’s why we are where we are today.

🟠 Finally, where can your fans find your songs?

DJC: I have my songs on all streaming platforms.

Thank you so much for coming on board DJC we sincerely appreciate your time.



“Home is where the story begins…”

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