BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | I can run on MI, but I might outflow Vector. – Sosa E

 BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | I can run on MI, but I might outflow Vector. – Sosa E

You might have seen him in passing or seen the name on Dance with the Devil (A song by Olamide in 2020). Probably caught a glimpse of some of his pictures on instagram timeline or his records on streaming platforms. Well, Sosa E released his latest single, Aquafina Froze on the 16th of July & we recently caught up with him to tell us more about his music, philosophy and lifestyle. Full interview here 🔻

🟠 Can you please tell us about yourself?

Sosa E: My name is Esosa. I’m 23. I’m a rapper/beat whisperer. I was born in Lagos but from Edo State.

🟠Are you signed to a record label?

Sosa E: I’m solo. I’m not in a record label. I’m independent

🟠Do you have any other jobs apart from music?

Sosa E: I’m a lawyer but I don’t practice

🟠Having to abandon your profession as a Lawyer for your passion as a musician and songwriter, how did your folks accept this reality?

Sosa E: They are still not accepting it.
I am in a world of my own and
I don’t have interest in law at the moment.

🟠How did music started for you?

Sosa E: In my 200 level (2015/2016) , I met a producer name slow Zeus. He encouraged me to carry my free-styling habit into songs. He provided me with beats and when he got his equipment we started releasing music and since 2017, it’s been music.

🟠Are you raised in a Music Home? Let’s talk a bit about your childhood?

Sosa E: My parents are lawyers.
But my mom doesn’t practice.
I do not come from a music home

🟠Let’s talk about Aquafina Froze. How did you come about the title and what’s the message you are trying to project?

Sosa E: Aquafina Means Water and Froze means Ice. I was referring to my character and attitude, my swag and Charisma. I was only trying to depict that I am confident and Ice cold in any condition.

🟠You talked about 2 Chains in the record …is that your signature?

Sosa E: No. That’s just the minimum amount of chains I wear most of the time

🟠How did you get to be on Olamide’s song? Were you guys good friends before the fame or he heard your record somewhere and he just fell in love with your style?

Sosa E: He saw my freestyle video on Instagram

Sosa E featured on this track in 2020

🟠Wow …so you are one of the few lucky ones who has benefited from social media … yeah?

Sosa E: Definitely

🟠Do you have a video yet for Aquafina Froze?

Sosa E: Yes.
But it’s not out yet

🟠What’s next for you after Aquafina Froze?

Sosa E: Different dimensions and realms of Sosa-E talent. I don’t want to spoil the surprises cause they are unexpected.

🟠How many singles are you looking forward to giving your fans before dropping a body of work and when should we be expecting your body of works?

Sosa E: 2-3 more singles before I drop tapes

🟠What brand name do you call your fans?

Sosa E: The Sosaety

🟠Any lady pressing your mumu button at the moment?

Sosa E: Lmaoo , yeah YEH!!!

🟠Industry Lady?

Sosa E: She’s a brand on her own

🟠If you could collaborate with any one artiste, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Sosa E: Nasty C. Because he is showing the world that Africans Can Be Spectacular at Music/hiphop at such a young age.
Age is not a barrier.
And he is also showing that language is not a strong enough barrier

🟠can you out rap Vector or M.I?

Sosa E: I can run on MI , but I might outflow Vector.

🟠With the current state of the music industry, Are you under any form of pressure?

Sosa E: No. Just the pressure to be great

🟠How would you classify your overall style and sound?

Sosa E: Experimental hiphop.

🟠Through freestyle you write your songs right? What comes 1st …the beat, to make a full song or the title and then develop your story around it?

Sosa E: The beat then I vibe. Form a hook and if I can’t completely freestyle the verse ,I’d form a melody and write on the melodies.

🟠We pray for Sosa E Music as an imprint to keep growing and spread far and wild across the globe. What are your future plans / goals and besides, do you have a name for your label yet?

Sosa E:: No I don’t have a name for a label. and my future plan is to show the world that I existed and to also feel that I existed.

🟠Any advice for a young rapper or song writer who’s thinking of getting on this ladder?

Sosa E: Don’t put yourself in a box.
Let your talent lead the way.
Don’t let anyone make you lose hope in your talent

🟠Any “closing” thought(s) for our readers?

Sosa E: Thank you for not paying attention.
Now I have to catch you by surprise.
Stay woke , God bless

That’s all we have for you Bro @Sosa E | Thanks for your time bro. Our greetings to ButtieBOY …your manager!!!


"Home is where the story begins!"

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