If You Want to be Wealthy, choose your Friends carefully.

 If You Want to be Wealthy, choose your Friends carefully.

When you help others, your life starts to have meaning and purpose. Real joy comes not from material possessions but from people. When we give our hearts in kindness and love, we get the riches of the universe, and the greatest of these is happiness when you’re generous with others, you feel abundant; your life feels fertile and rich with possibility. Now, the question is, “Do you really rise by lifting others or the kind of friends in your Circle?

Can you imagine being the founder of a small company and having Warren Buffett as your friend?

Think how you might benefit from the wisdom and observations of one of the world’s most successful investors, a man known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” who has an estimated net worth of $87.3 billion. 

Well, decades ago that founder was Bill Gates. And the “small company” was Microsoft.

In his popular blog, Gates Notes, Gates reminisces about his almost 30-year friendship with Buffett. He clearly remembers their first meeting:

“So, one of the first questions he asked me was, hey, Microsoft is a small company, IBM is this huge company, why can you do better? Why can’t they beat you at the software game that you’re playing? And I always—every day I was thinking about, okay, what advantage do we have, what do we do? But nobody ever asked me that question.”

Warren Buffett was an invaluable source of support during the stormiest period of my career

Bill Gates

Since that fateful day in 1991, the two men have become fast friends. Over the years, they’ve shared ideas, partnered together for philanthropic causes and have been mutual mentors.

Both men agree choosing and surrounding yourself with the right friends is crucial to success.

In fact, Buffett echoes what Thomas Corley found in his research regarding befriending people who have traits you aspire to have yourself.

“You will move in the direction of the people that you associate with,” says Buffett. “So, it’s important to associate with people that are better than yourself… you want to associate with people who are the kind of person you’d like to be.” 

Gates sees the importance of having friends who are willing to guide him in the right direction. 

“Some friends challenge you about things you’re doing, and that level of intimacy is great,” he says. “It’s really through Melinda and seeing other people I realized, okay, it’s really worth the investment to have those people, as you’re always there to help them and vice versa.”

Can your friends really impact your wealth and success? Yes actually!!!



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