BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | Meet Izu Simeon: The Fast rising singer who won’t let “His Talents” Go To Waste

 BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | Meet Izu Simeon: The Fast rising singer who won’t let “His Talents” Go To Waste

With songs like ‘Love You, Life, 2Seconds and many more, Izu Simeon has come a long way. Raised on the streets of Ajegunle, grew up with records such as the music of Chief Osadebe, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and the likes; Izu shares with THTV on BuzzOnLine, his music, growing up, lifestyle & plan for the year 2022. Full interview here🔻

🟠Welcome to Buzz online, where we meet, greet and find out as a feed back to your fans out there. To start with, we would like to know, what’s your Government name and what part of Nigeria are you from?

Izu Simeon: My full names are Alaine Izuchukwu Simeon. I’m from Abia state, Isi Ala Ngwa North LGA, but was born and raised in Lagos in the popular Ghetto city of Ajegunle in Apapa.

🟠How did you come about your stage name?

Izu Simeon: Izu Simeon is me literally taking the short form of my name and other name. Though, i had some couple of names (Names like The Yung, Simizuine) I tried when I started off years ago but they were sounding too complex so I decided to stick with my original names.

🟠How would you classify your genre of music?

Izu Simeon: I do Afrobeats with a good chunk of soul to it

🟠How will rate the acceptance of your very first single?

Izu Simeon: It was surprising and has always been one of my drivers to keep doing music; that was back in 2016, February 12th just immediately after my NYSC camp in Nassarawa. The title of the song was ‘Follow-Follow’ and was produced by Benny soundz. It was love song with a trending bounce & kicks of the likes of Woju by Kiss Daniel and Duro by Tekno as at then and just on dropping it and sharing it with friends the feedback was a 💯 , and that made me realize I had something here and ever since then, i said to myself, this talent of mine is never going to waste. It was a good one & a good start for me.

🟠Do you have works underway? Or you took a covid-19 break?

Izu Simeon: Sure.. have alot of song recorded already to put together a full album but have been able to select the best of them to make it an EP of 7 songs which I will be putting out pretty soon asides a single. I will be putting out a new record this month end titled – Philomena and another one on my birthday being the 19th day of march titled – Abraham’s Blessings which features Omobaba – the veteran comedian/musician; so you guys should watch out for that. 2022 is going to be quite a busy year for me as I am about putting out songs and creative contents to follow up.

🟠Do you feel your style of music can hit a global market? And if you were to collaborate with an international act who will that be?

Izu Simeon: The sweetest thing you can first offer yourself is to first believe in yourself, so, sure I do. I always put that into consideration while making my songs, coz Afrobeats is beyond Africa now and has gained massive acceptance internationally… and for a collaboration I have songs already I will love to have Drake on😁

🟠Tell us your whole inception into music; when did you first gain interest, and how did things begin to take shape?

Izu Simeon: Growing up was fun and i recall riding with my Dad, he was fond of playing High Life music, the likes of Chief Osadebe, Reggae music, ranging from Bob Marley to Lucky Dube, these were the sounds i grew up listening to that sparked my interest in music; this led me to join the band at the church where we worshipped as a family. It was an Anglican Igbo church most of there songs used for praises were in Highlife / Ariaria which I was already familiar with from home so it was easy … loved the drums so that was where I served with the church band and that was the beginning for me. At a time, I picked interest in the guitar instrument which I learnt how to play back then an also wrote some songs to simple progressions I learnt from watching tutorial videos online… after that learnt how to make simple recordings on the laptop I had back then in school using Audacity… before graduating to recording my first actual song in a proper music studio… its been an experience and i thank God for the journey so far.

🟠Are you raised in a Music Home? Let’s talk a bit your childhood

Izu Simeon: Yeah.. my dad was a lover of music… at home, driving to church, driving to see family relatives.. he was always jamming… I could remember this memory of when he bought a Tiger generator and called his friends to come celebrate his achievement… and watching them merry with ‘Chief Osadabe’s Kedu America Album’ was a joy to me .. I was about 10 years old at this time.. but that memory sparked something in me as regarding how music brings happiness and that was a major highlight for me regarding my interest in how music is being created.

🟠Who do you consider to be your strongest musical influences?

Izu Simeon: I listen to a lot of musicians both main stream and underground, most times i even prefer to listen to underground artists because they have more depth in their music …that hunger is a spice. I cant really mention names as per who and who are my influences.. because it may be a really long list as I pick ideas here and there to blend and create my own unique sound.

🟠With your wild range experience in this musical journey, have you been able to produced a song for any one (known or unknown) in the industry professionally?

Izu Simeon: Haven’t produced for anyone yet but for myself. One of my checkboxes this year is to make that happen; to work with fellow artists as a producer besides collaborations.

🟠Today we live in a society where men talks bout hustle doubling. With a musical career that’s yet to put food on the table, what else do you do alongside?

Izu Simeon: Yeah.. I picked up some technical skills while in school which has been helping me out financially and kept me going.. these skills include: graphics designing, website development, video editing basically creative directing, and been privileged to work with different media agencies and individuals in the industry with these skills.

🟠Music for you, what comes 1st; the song title or the Instrumental?

Izu Simeon: For me, it starts with a beat then i follow up with melodies then build up lyrics on the melodies while telling a story.

🟠How many songs to your credit currently and when do you intend to serve your fans with a body of work?

Izu Simeon: As at now, I have 10 songs out there… in which 3 of them are collaborations (2 are feature) while the others are solos… about putting out a body of work… yeah.. for sure… it’s almost ready just at the mastering stage.. will be out pretty soon.

🟠3 major things you won’t leave home without?

Izu Simeon: My wallet, My phone, and some clothes on😋

🟠Having gone through your catalogue, you seems to have a video for each song you released. How are you able to do that? Are you signed to a record label?

Izu Simeon: Not signed to any label. I have friends who do these things most of them I met in the music hustle .. so the energy is just there… so is mostly about us coming together bringing our different skills and ideas together … more like we supporting each other.. definitely there is always some bills to cover while getting these things done.

🟠Again is your latest release. Tell us about Again. Is that another sad love song?

Izu Simeon: 😊 Again, Again, Again.. Been a while I recorded again.. it started with the producer – oshow beats sending me the beat sometime in 2020 .. so on listening to the beat it gave me that love vibe.. so I followed suit with melodies and lyrics on it… basically Again is just one of those special songs I have which talks about falling in love regardless deciding never to fall in love again after a bad last experience

🟠What are your main challenges in the industry as a fast rising artiste?

Izu Simeon: Doing Music right now is alot of work.. beyong just making the music you have to be an all round creative to help yourself.. coz the market is so saturated right now.. being involved totally on how to get your music heard.. creating strategic marketing content.. being online.. analyzing your numbers..paying promotion bills. Taking out time to understand how these things work. omo.. its alot of work!

🟠Your records are dope & we’ve heard some on Radio but not much of your face around; maybe on TV. Whats your 2022 plans to get your face more out there?

Izu Simeon: Sure … I’m going all out after my project is out definitely. 💯 percent out there this time.’

🟠Lastly if you had the opportunity to feature 5 mainstream artistes, who and who would you settle for?

Izu Simeon: Tekno, Runtown, Fireboy, Tiwa Savage & Drake

That’s all we have for you Bro. All the very best in the future. Thanks for your time!!!


“Home is where the story begins…”

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