What do Michael Jackson’s three children do, and how did they become today?

 What do Michael Jackson’s three children do, and how did they become today?

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is an American model, actress, singer, and musician. She is the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. In 2020, Jackson signed a deal with Republic Records. Her first single, “Let Down”, was released on October 29, 2020. Her music style is more indie and alternative. She’s signed on with IMG models and struts the runway perfectly. She has acted in Gringo, Star the TV Show, American Horror Stories, Habit, etc. She loves to visit other countries, loves animals and loves advocating!

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., also known as “Prince,” is the first child of pop star Michael Jackson. His biological mother is Debbie Rowe, the former wife of Jackson. Rowe signed over custody of Prince and his sister, Paris Michael Katherine, after Rowe and Jackson divorced in 1999. He’s pursuing directing and photography. He also is the founder of Heal Los Angeles — a charity inspired by his father’s lifelong love for helping others. Prince loves to ride motorcycles, loves animals, loves to joke around and even shares the same skin condition as his father — Vitiligo (it’s more segmental)

Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II is the third and youngest child of the late Michael Jackson. In 2015 he changed his name to Bigi Jackson. The identity of Prince’s biological mother — a surrogate — is unknown. Jackson was seven years old when his father died on June 25, 2009. He’s very private but he loves to play video games and graduated from high school last year. He’s really shy like his father but he’s look the most like Michael.


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