Another Victory In Court For Cardi B

 Another Victory In Court For Cardi B

Today, rapper Cardi B walked away with another victory over vlogger Tasha K, who was looking to immediately proceed with a trial between the two of them. Once again, the judge sided with the rapper and pushed back the courtroom clash.

Cardi was able to convince the judge because of a “family emergency,” the nature of which was not specified.

The conflict between the pair has relatively long legs at this point. Cardi alleged Tasha K harassed by publically claiming the rapper had herpes and was a prostitute in her YouTube series “unWinewithTashaK.” Back in March of In March of 2019, Cardi filed a $75,000 defamation of character/slander lawsuit against the vlogger.

Tasha K, born Latasha Transrina Kebe, responded with a $3 million countersuit against Cardi, charging Cardi B sent Bloods gang members to intimidated her on the internet as well as to her suburban Atlanta home.

Now, Tasha K has maintained that she is actually a reporter, who’s “speech” is protected by the First Amendment.


“Home is where the story begins…”

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