BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | The Phase of HipHop in Nigeria: A Candid Conversation With MicDailie

 BUZZONLINE INTERVIEW | The Phase of HipHop in Nigeria: A Candid Conversation With MicDailie

Multi-Talented and BoomBap Conscious Rapper, MicDailie offers an insight into the phase of Rap Music in Nigeria and why brands pay little or no attention to the genre. As a music writer, lyricist, dope Mc & Entrepreneur, we caught up with MicDailie to talks about his new project, what he’s been up to and much more.  Check out the full interview below.🔻

🟠 Yo MicDailie, thanks for coming through. So, it’s basically going to be a Q&A session here about yourself, life, music and all the works. Let’s get into it; what’s your government name & how did you come about your stage name?

MicDailie: My real names are Benjamin Babiyo. I got the name Mic Dailie from an error that happened to a cassette tape I use to have from a track by EPMD titled ‘Never seen before’ – The tape got cut and I have to reattach it-‘ and that particular track was affected, so anytime I play the track, where Eric sermon said (My mic is deadly) now sounds like he said (My Mic Daily) That’s how I picked it and name myself after it. Crazy man!!!

🟠 How long have you been in the industry

MicDailie: Well. I’ll say I grew up in the music industry from the mid 90’s till date. I witnessed the evolution from the era of Envy Edna, Onyeka owenu, Sunny Okoso, Mike okri’ Dan maraya Jos and all the greats at that time. My Dad was a DJ in the late 80’s so I was privileged to come across all kinda music and that’s what shaped what I do now- which is HipHop Rap music

🟠 The B-Elect Connection basically explains your Life in one project. Let’s talk about ‘Life is business, what other business do you have running?

MicDailie: I had always been a 9to5ver. Working in the corporate world then …I put all my proceeds into making music. Life is Business’ is a title of one of my track from The Album ‘B Elect’s Connection’. I did it in memory of my mentor, legend and a friend B Elect who passed in June 2019.

🟠 How’s growing up like ….where did you grow up?

MicDailie: I was born in Kaduna (KD) part of my school in Kaduna and Jos, so I will say I grew up in Kaduna and Jos. Growing was fun …my Dad used to be a lover of music and my entire family basically.

🟠 Tell us why did you relocate to Lagos, was the industry not paying off up in the North?

MicDailie: Ok. Yeah …. I was in Abuja at a time, from 2005 to 2010 where I was working as an hospitality personnel. Dropping music as well but the buzz was heavy in Lagos and I have listened to some couple of dope MC’s and producers in Lagos that got exactly what I wanted- the reason I relocated and thank God I was able to knock that off nicely.

🟠 As a Boombap Champion, how many works do you have under your belt?

MicDailie: A whole lot bro. My debut is titled ‘Seek Ye First’ which I released in June 25th 2016. Did a couple of singles and collabs with different cats- then Dropped ‘B Elect Connection’ in August 2021. Had a joint EP with another microphone fiend named Stoute Louis aka Earl Hickey titled’ Better prolific than Perfect’ all dropped in 2021 Sept I guess.

🟠 You sound so much like an independent artist, how are you coping & yeah, what do you make of the hip hop community here in Nigeria??

MicDailie: Omo- independent by situation definitely not by choice, cos I would have love to be supported by external hands to ease the burden- but hey- life happens and I have to be strong for myself. Challenges are enormous – Money – getting people to pay attention your shit, promotion was crazy. But here I am- doing what I can with what I have man & of course with the support of some amazing people in my life.

For the hip hop community here in Nigeria | Except for those who don’t do their research- But for some of us who do– HipHop in Nigeria is huge man- a lot of dope MC’s with dope materials are out there. We might not get that mainstream recognition- as expected, but we are on point if you find us

🟠 Great! Any ideas as to why “that mainstream recognition” is playing out?

MicDailie: Yeah of course- we y’all know that music is big business- corporate bodies, brands and all work with the numbers and the numbers are derived from the mainstream media pushing the Afro sounds. But because we are not heavy on the mainstream here in Nigeria- so automatically we ain’t doing the numbers that will get investors to work with us.

But the truth is- we represent the voice of the voiceless. We challenge the statusquo- We put the government on their feet because of our level of consciousness. We cannot be easily manipulated into dressing and shaking a**s like b*ches. For that reason, we are sidelined.

Mic Dailie

🟠 So hip hop doesn’t give the people what they want but what they need?

MicDailie: Matter of fact- HipHop gives the people all but at the end of the day, the majority is what brands deals with. Afro sounds is taking over the world right now and that is numbers right there.

🟠 Is there anything such as Afro rap? Does it hit the numbers for this so-called ‘investors’?

MicDailie: Yeah- Reminisce, Olamide, CDQ and the likes are on that tip right now- and I can see it building gradually. Vector, Dremo, Laycon, Phyno …these guys are pushing the Rapfro agenda big time!

🟠 What will you call your genre of music?

MicDailie: Straight HipHop with all the elements, consciousness and enlightenment.

🟠 What’s your most recent work? And how’s it doing so far?

MicDailie: It’s titled – Dailie Magazine‘ a title I had since 2004 back in Jos. It’s doing what it can do and I have more coming out of it; Videos and all.

🟠 What are we expecting from MicDailie this year? More visuals or other plans?

MicDailie: Yeah ….Videos and more projects definitely!

🟠 What’s your take on artist collaborations? If you were to collaborate with any artist in the world right now who will that be?

MicDailie: Collaboration is sweet man. I will collaborate with anyone who share the same views and vision. It can be Rap, sing or poetry! I’m game. I will love to work with M.I

🟠 Great! how about international collaborations?

MicDailie: Omo, almost all the Dopest MC’s but definitely KRS1 and Killer Priest first😍

🟠 How did covid-19 break affect you as an artist?

MicDailie: Crazy actually… as regards welfare and business. But I was able to use that period to write and record an international collaboration project coming out hopefully in the course of this year.

🟠 As an OG in the game any hot takes for the upcoming? If given the chance what will you have changed?

MicDailie: Well’- shit is changing, from lifestyle to the music itself- so as an OG- I will just be in my lane and I won’t bother changing anything cos whatever it is- is what is rocking.

🟠 How do you manage your female fans?

MicDailie: Well’- they are few that love the fact that I Rap. So it’s just a happy moments between us and yeah, on to the next!

🟠 Thanks for your time, we wish you all the very best Fam!

MicDailie: Thanks so much guys- I really enjoyed my time here

Thanks for reading. Kindly can check out all MicDailie’s projects on all Digital Steaming Platforms


“Home is where the story begins…”

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