TGIF yas yas! Most of us definitely look forward to the weekend but for different yet one obvious reason most get to rest and relax some attend concerts, listen to beautiful music, visit loved ones, party hard, go wine testing etc. However you spend your weekend is utmostly yours but i will appreciate it, if you and i can spend an hour together this weekend by listening to some of the old but evergreen songs i will list below and shall love to hear your favorite. This weekend is purely for OLD SCHOOL Music, yea in my own opinion it’s better than visiting an Ex at least🤣… In this article i will be mixing old school from 1960s down to 90s,those during that era can reminisce and bask in the euphoria of their early years and evenif it does not fall to your category, you can still listen as well. 60s, 70s and 80s We had amazing musicians with philosophical touch, there was always a story to learn from a song, adages/proverbs coined in a way that sounded funny yet it sunk deep and could be easily recalled when needed also life experiences were infused into songs effortlessly in form of stories. Almost all musical artiste knew how to play one instrument or the other, it was a different ball game then, some of these great men had to be an apprentice under a renowned musician just to learn more and be better unlike today where we have social media platforms, lots of record labels/talent managers and several myraids of opportunities that helps launch our career and makes us attain the top at a faster pace; if you made it then and became a favourite/choice of the people it was a real big deal and it meant you must have worked hard. I will not be writing alot about their personal life/other things they do in general but the focus will be more on their musical career as this article aims to be solely about music in those days,without plenty drama lets get into it. 1960s,1970s and 1980s We had Chief Ebenezer Obey, Fatai Rolling Dollar, Diana Ross, Victor Uwaifo, Micheal Jackson, Christy Essien igbokuwe, Bob Marley, Sunny Ade, Onyeka Owenu, Fela Kuti, Haruna Ishola etc.

1990s things were better, more people had started to see potentials in the industry and even if some won’t still allow their kids to fully partake there were some who will let them do on a promise they finished their education/Trade acquisition first before venturing into music/Entertainment, It’s the year i call “Rebirth” for lots of musicians because electronic music which had been popular in the 80s became highly popular in the 1990s also the sales of cassette was on the high side, new genre of music and lots more favoured the musical market. In no particular order below are some artiste who shinned well in the 1990s Mariah Carey, 2pac, Missy Elliott, Blacky, Mary J Blige, Britney Spears, Remedies, Justin Timberlake, Shaggy etc Listed below are some of these artiste songs.

1960S, 1970S AND 1980S.


Chief Ebenezer Obey Commander born 3 April 1942 as Ebenezer Remilekun Aremu Olasupo Obey-Fabiyi, is a Nigerian Juju musician popularly known as Chief Commander and he started his career professionally in the 50’s. After under studying Pa Fatai rolling dollars he formed his own band called The International Brothers in 1964, playing high life juju, He is equally known for christian music and later in the 1990’s he resigned to the Nigerian music industry….. Some of his songs are: “Olomi Gbo Temi” “The horse” “The man and the son” “Iba Foluwa” “Ori Mi Koni Buru ” “Gbebe Mi Oluwa” “Ota Mi Dehin” “Enia Lasan” etc.


Prince Olayiwola Fatai Olagunju was born 22nd July 1927 and he died on the 12th of June 2003 before his demise, Paps Rolling Dollar was a Juju and high life musician who blessed our ears with sounds like: “She go run away” ” Won kere si number wa” “Iyawa ma pami” “Feso jaiye” “Ori wa a dara” etc


Born Diana Ernestine Earle Ross on the 26th of March 1944 is an American entertainer and actress, she’s been here since 1960s, her vocals are super duper, Some of her songs are ; “Where Did Our Love Go” “Baby Love” “Come See About Me” “Love Child” etc…. 


Victor Efosa Uwaifo (MON) was born on the 1st of March 1941 and died 28 August 2021 however his music lives on such as : “Joromi” “Guitar boy” “Arabade” “Ekassa series” “Iye iye oh” etc


We all have definitely heard of king of pop born 29th of August 1958 and died 25th June 2009.He has been singing since 60’s and his songs are evergreen some of which are: “Rock With You” “Black or White” “The Way You Make Me Feel” “Dirty Diana” “Man in the Mirror” ” Beat It” “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” “Billie Jean ” etc


Beautiful Christy was born on the 11th November 1960 and died on the 30th June 2011, she was the first female Pman president. she was known for her songs “Seun Rere” “Tete Nula” “Ife” “Give me a Chance” “Iyami ranti” “Take life easy” etc


Bob Marley was a Jamaican musician born on the 6th of February 1945 and died 11th May 1981, he is one of the pioneers of Reggae music some of his songs are: “Could You Be Loved” “Is This Love” “Sun Is Shining” “Redemption Song” “No Woman No Cry” “I Shot the Sheriff” “One Love” “Treat you right” etc


Fela Kuti aka Abami Eda was born on the15th day of October 1938 and died 2nd August 1997, He is known and regarded as the pioneer of AfroBeat with back to back hits like: “Shakara” “Lady” “Water no get enemy” “Gentleman” “Zombie” “Expensive shit” “Trouble sleep yanga go wake am” “Teacher no teach me something” “Jeun ko ku” etc.


Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye MFR known professionally as King Sunny Adé was born on the 22nd September 1946. He is a Juju/African pop artiste known for melodious songs like “Soyoyo” “Igbalaye” ” Ijapari” “E Kilo F’Omo Ode” Esubiri Ebo Mi” “Isu Joba Lori Iyan” “Omode o Mela” “Ori Mi Ja Fun Mi” etc


Onyeka Onwenu was a secular musician who later changed to a gospel artiste,she was born on the 31st of January 1952 she has sang numerous deep and well known for songs like , “Iyogogo” “One Nation” “In the morning light” “You and I” “One love” etc.



Mary J Blige was born on the 11th of January 1971, she has won numerous awards among which are nine Grammies some of her notable songs are: “I Can Love You” “Be Without You” “Just Fine” “Share My Love” “Seven days” “You Got To Believe” and so many others.


If you are a music lover there is no way you won’t know 2pac even if you do not belong to this era, born 16th day of June 1971 and sadly died 13th September 1996, Lesane Parish Crooks was a Rapper known to many as 2Pac/Makaveli below are tittle of some of his songs: “California Love” “I ain’t mad at cha” “Keep Ya Head Up” “HellRazor” “Do For Love” “Dear Mama” “The good die young” etc


Missy Elliott was formerly with a group but became a solo Artiste in the 1990s with Hit singles like; “Sock It 2me” “She’s a bitch” “All n my girl” “Beep me 911” “One Minite Man” “Get your Freek on” etc


Nya Edward Inyang foundly called Blackky was famous in the 1990S with singles like “Rosie” “Okada” “Blackky Shank” “Di dun” “Tribute” “Doppy” etc


Shaggy, real name Orville Richard Burrel was born on the 22nd day in October 1968,This Raggae Fussion/dancehall Jamaican Artiste made most of us dance to his songs such as; “Bombastic” “it wasn’t me” “Angel” etc

John Odafe Asiemo

If you were around in the 1990s you definitely will remember who Daddy Showkey is. He wowed us with his unique style, the Diana crooner was a delight to watch and still a delight with singles like, “Dyna” Fire Fire” The Name” and lots more.


The group comprised Tony Tetuila, Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montana,They had numerous songs and popular songs is such as “Shakomo” “Yarinya” “Judie” “Jelousy” “Desire” etc.

Do you want more old school songs? Special Edition (Strictly naija) is coming up next with the likes of Maintain, Psquare, Styleplus, Jaywon, Illibliss, Soundsultan, Kcfresh, 2face, Djzeez, Ksolo, Klever jay, Essence, Joel and lots more.Love and Light.

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