Nelly’s stingy Reward: Rewards Woman $100 After She Returns His Lost Duffle Bag With $300,000

 Nelly’s stingy Reward: Rewards Woman $100 After She Returns His Lost Duffle Bag With $300,000

American rapper, Nelly must have been feeling foolish after he misplaced a duffle bag stuffed with $300,000 in cash, but luckily for him a woman found the bag and decided to do the right thing by returning it. But much to her surprise, the rapper left her regretting that decision after he rewarded her good deed with a meager $100.

In a video that first appeared on The Neighborhood Talk, a group of people can be seen talking and laughing at the bizarre incident and Nelly’s stingy reward. The group seemed genuinely stunned, almost to the point of regret, at how poorly the woman was rewarded for her good deed.

“We up here at the bowling alley, she found a bag,” the man filming says, pointing to the woman who returned the cash-filled bag. “And guess what she do? She gave it back.”

The man then asks the woman to show the camera the reward she received, but she laughs and resists commenting, so the man turns the camera toward himself and reveals that “they gave her $100” as a thank-you for “giving him back $300,000.”

The video has since made the rounds on social media, with many saying that the reward seems like a bit of an insult given the large fortune the bag contained. Users commented on the video calling the rapper ‘tacky’ and saying he was ‘wrong’ for that. Many users insisted that the reward should have been at least $1000.

Surprisingly, Nelly also showed up in the comments, but he wasn’t there to cough up more money. The rapper merely thanked the woman again, saying, “SUUUUUUPPPPPEEERRRRR CAAPPP …!!”

The St. Louis rapper could have easily handed over a bigger reward. The Ride Wit Me singer has built up an impressive $60 million net worth, according to Wealthy Gorilla. The mogul owes most of his wealth to his Grammy Award-winning musical career. He has also expanded his income streams with his two clothing lines, Vokal and Apple Bottom.


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